Julia R. Daniels

Julia R. Daniels
Doctoral Candidate

College of Education
University of Washington

Email: juliard(at)uw(dot)edu
(My CV)

My research examines the intersections of public schooling and whiteness. I frame the current teaching demographic - in which 80% of public school teachers are white - as a fundamental harm and examine ways to reduce that harm. As a white woman and a former high school teacher myself, I am particularly invested in harm reduction approaches that might allow us to better understand the discursive practices and pedagogies of white women teachers while also working to shift the broader teaching demographics.

As a doctoral candidate in the College of Education at the University of Washington, my work has focused on examining the fundamental raciolinguistic ideologies embedded in white women teachers’ pedagogies and language practices. My research explores the implications of such insights for teacher education and professional development, and white teacher discourse and subjectivity.

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